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The Drummer – Weekly Beats – May 12, 2017

The Drummer
Weekly Beats
May 12, 2017

• Sunday Service
Join us this Sunday as we join Rev. Dr. M’ellen Kennedy, Unitarian Universalist and Sufi minister. We will be learning about women and their roles in Islam. Reverend Kennedy serves as minister for the UU Churches in Springfield, MA and Washington,VT. She is founder of “Interfaith Bridge,” an organization dedicated to cultivating friendship and understanding among Muslims and non-Muslims. Please visit www.peaceandunitybridge.org for more information. M’ellen is also founder of the UU Small Group Ministry.

• Pledge Forms
A big thanks to all those who returned their pledge forms already. If you have not, please get your forms back to us. As a reminder, we have asked anyone able to use Vanco this year to reduce our Sunday accounting needs and stabilize our income. If you have not received a pledge form yet, please see Virginia or Maureen on Sunday. Thanks! –Finance Team

• Equipment Request
Peter Morse is looking for a working speaker or two to hookup in the lobby to play the service. Please contact him if you are able to help.

• UUCGB Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser
Thank you to everyone who showed up to volunteer at our fundraiser, and to all those who joined us for dinner!

• 7th Annual Afternoon Tea and Luncheon
Our 7th annual Afternoon Tea and Luncheon will take place on Saturday, May 13th from 12pm-2pm. For those who have not yet attended, our tea is a lovely afternoon of fancy hats, finger sandwiches and desserts, teas from around the world, and most importantly, the company of family and friends!
Each year, volunteers serve as table hostesses. Those volunteers are responsible for decorating their tables with linens and dishes, and inviting guests to sit at their tables. Table hostesses are not responsible for providing all the food for their guests.
This event is not just for ladies, and we would love to have a table host….though no gentlemen have ever volunteered. Perhaps this is the year!
The cost for this event is $12 per adult, and $5 per child 12 and under. If you would like to volunteer as a table hostess or host, please email sarahcatster@gmail.com.
Look for a link to RSVP to this event in the coming weeks.
Thank you, Sarah Miller

• Sound Affect Concert
Sound Affect will be bringing their amazing youth to sing for us on May 21st, at 4:00. They have sung for us at Harvest Festival, including this past Fall. This promises to be an amazing and uplifting experience, as those of us who seen them can attest. While there is no admission price, we will asking for a free will donation. The donations will go to the Connecticut Food Bank and to Sound Affect’s continuing ministry of music and aid in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Tell a friend!

• 2017 UUA General Assembly
Join us June 21 – 25 in New Orleans for the 2017 UUA General Assembly. General Assembly (GA) is the annual meeting of our Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). Attendees worship, witness, learn, connect, and make policy for the Association through democratic process. Anyone may attend!

• Tuesday Evening Taize Prayer Service
Are you looking for some time for quiet contemplation? Are you looking for a worshipful experienced in which there is no sermon and no one telling you what to believe before you are sure you believe it? Then the Service of Taize Evening Prayer may be for you.

This 30-minute service is inspired by the worship of the international ecumenical monastic community of Taize, France. The service consists of simple, modern chants sung repetitively or in a round, a brief reading of Scripture, a long period of peaceful silence and some time for intercessory prayer.

There is no preaching, no monetary collection, no attempt at recruiting church members; it is simply a time to come together in song and prayer. People who have attended often comment on the rich spiritual atmosphere of the service. Its serenity and simplicity provide a wonderful midweek opportunity to feed one’s soul.
Every Tuesday at 7:00

• This Week in UU History
5/17/2004 Hillary and Julie Goodridge were married at Unitarian Universalist Association headquarters with UUA president William Sinkford officiating. The couple’s daughter, Annie Goodridge, was in attendance. This was the first day that marriage between people of the same sex was legal, resulting from a suit filed against the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by the Goodridges. Their wedding was the first of its kind in Boston, though others were performed earlier that day in other parts of the state.

5/18/1954 Toribio Sabandija Quimada requested aid from the Universalist Church of America and thus began the process of founding the Universalist Church of the Philippines.

5/19/1841 Unitarian theologian Theodore Parker preached “Discourse on the Transient and Permanent in Christianity” at the installation of Charles Shackford in South Boston, Massachusetts. The sermon denied the miracles of Jesus and caused great controversy both within and outside the Unitarian movement. According to Parker, the permanent contribution of Christianity was not its story but its ethical laws.

UUCGB Building Schedule for this week:
Sunday 5/14, 10:00 Sunday Service
Sunday 5/14, 11:30 Finance Team Meeting
Tuesday 5/16, 7:00 Taize Service
Wednesday 5/17, 7:00 Choir Practice
Sunday 5/21, 10:00 Sunday Service
Sunday 5/21, 11:30 Worship Weavers Meeting

Upcoming Services:
5/14 “Women & Islam: The Veil and Other Customs and Costumes” with Reverend M’Ellen Kennedy
Anita Sanders

5/21 Multigenerational Service
Carli Taylor-Harlow

Please send any items you would like listed in next week’s Weekly Drummer Beats to church.office@uucgb.org by Friday at 9 am! The weekly email is sent every Friday at noon!

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