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The Drummer – Weekly Beats – May 26, 2017

The Drummer
Weekly Beats
May 26, 2017

• Notice of Annual Meeting
The Annual Meeting of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Bridgeport will be held Sunday, June 11 2017, at 11 a.m. following the Service.  Your attendance is strongly encouraged for the purpose of considering Bylaws changes, approving the 2017-18 operating budget, electing officers and trustees-at-large to the Board of Trustees, and conducting any other business that may come before the congregation. 
Jennifer Winschel, Clerk
• Sunday Service
Please join us Sunday with Sierra-Marie Gerfao for a service titled “Searching For Goodness”. When there are abundant reasons to despair, can the goodness of life sustain us? We all need help finding sources of life-giving goodness that can carry us in our times of despair. 
• Pledge Forms
A big thanks to all those who returned their pledge forms already. If you have not, please get your forms back to us. As a reminder, we have asked anyone able to use Vanco this year to reduce our Sunday accounting needs and stabilize our income. If you have not received a pledge form yet, please see Virginia or Maureen on Sunday. If you have received your pledge form already, we ask that you return it this Sunday. The BOT is meeting on Tuesday to finalize the budget presented at the annual meeting and your cooperation helps us produce an accurate budget for next fiscal year. Thanks! –Finance Team
• Equipment Request
Peter Morse is looking for a working speaker or two to hookup in the lobby to play the service. Please contact him if you are able to help. 
• UUCGB Book Group Meeting Tomorrow
I do hope you are all enjoying ECHO by Pam Munoz Ryan.  We will be discussing it this Saturday, May 27 at 10am at UUCGB.  If the weather is nice bring a lawn chair and we’ll set up our discussion outside if you want.  Also – if you have actual books to share/swap please bring them as well.  And we need ideas for our June read – preferably something on the shorter/lighter side.  I would like to meet on June 17th if that works for people as opposed to June 24th. Please let me know if that is doable. See you Saturday!
• 2017 UUA General Assembly
Join us June 21 – 25 in New Orleans for the 2017 UUA General Assembly. General Assembly (GA) is the annual meeting of our Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). Attendees worship, witness, learn, connect, and make policy for the Association through democratic process. Anyone may attend!
• Tuesday Evening Taize Prayer Service
Are you looking for some time for quiet contemplation?   Are you looking for a worshipful experienced in which there is no sermon and no one telling you what to believe before you are sure you believe it?  Then the Service of Taize Evening Prayer may be for you.  
This 30-minute service is inspired by the worship of the international ecumenical monastic community of Taize, France.  The service consists of simple, modern chants sung repetitively or in a round, a brief reading of Scripture, a long period of peaceful silence and some time for intercessory prayer. 
There is no preaching, no monetary collection, no attempt at recruiting church members; it is simply a time to come together in song and prayer.  People who have attended often comment on the rich spiritual atmosphere of the service.  Its serenity and simplicity provide a wonderful midweek opportunity to feed one’s soul.  
Every Tuesday at 7:00
·         Green Fields by W.S. Merwin

By this part of the century few are left who believe
    in the animals for they are not there in the carved parts
of them served on plates and the pleas from the slatted trucks
    are sounds of shadows that possess no future
there is still game for the pleasure of killing
    and there are pets for the children but the lives that followed
courses of their own other than ours and older
    have been migrating before us some are already
far on the way and yet Peter with his gaunt cheeks
    and point of white beard the face of an aged Lawrence
Peter who had lived on from another time and country
    and who had seen so many things set out and vanish
still believed in heaven and said he had never once
    doubted it since his childhood on the farm in the days
of the horses he had not doubted it in the worst
    times of the Great War and afterward and he had come
to what he took to be a kind of earthly
    model of it as he wandered south in his sixties
by that time speaking the language well enough
    for them to make him out he took the smallest roads
into a world he thought was a thing of the past
    with wildflowers he scarcely remembered and neighbors
working together scything the morning meadows
    turning the hay before the noon meal bringing it in
by milking time husbandry and abundance
    all the virtues he admired and their reward bounteous
in the eyes of a foreigner and there he remained
    for the rest of his days seeing what he wanted to see
until the winter when he could no longer fork
    the earth in his garden and then he gave away
his house land everything and committed himself
    to a home to die in an old chateau where he lingered
for some time surrounded by those who had lost
    the use of body or mind and as he lay there he told me
that the wall by his bed opened almost every day
    and he saw what was really there and it was eternal life
as he recognized at once when he saw the gardens
    he had made and the green fields where he had been
a child and his mother was standing there then the wall would close
    and around him again were the last days of the world
• This Week in UU History
5/27/1819 Julia Ward Howe was born in New York City.  In 1843, she married Samuel Gridley Howe and moved to Boston.  A poet and lecturer and the first president of the New England Women Suffrage Association, Howe became famous for writing the poem “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” which was set to the tune for “John Brown’s Body” and became the theme song of the Union Army during the Civil War.   The Howe’s were members of the Church of the Disciples (Unitarian) in Boston and often preached there.  Julian Ward Howe died on October 17, 1910.  
5/31/1614 Erasmus Otvinovius, a Polish knight, biblical scholar, and Unitarian, died.  He was a well-known anti-Trinitarian and headmaster of a large Socinian school in Krakow.  He often engaged Roman Catholic priests in debate, sometimes on street corners. He accused Roman Catholics of Idolatry and was threatened several timers because he was so outspoken about his views.  Otvinovius translated much of the New Testament into Polish and wrote about the lives of all the women in both the Old and New Testaments in Polish verse.  
6/1/1803 William Ellery Channing was ordained as a Unitarian minister at the Federal Street Church and Society in Boston, the  only church he ever served.  He was 23.  The church was built in 1744, as Church of the Presbyterian Strangers.  Later it became the Society of the Congregation in Federal Street and is now the Arlington Street Church.
UUCGB Building Schedule for this week:    
Sunday 5/28, 10:00 Sunday Service
Sunday 5/28, 11:30 Worship Weavers Meeting
Tuesday 5/30, 7:00 Taize Service
Tuesday 5/30, 7:00 BOT Meeting
Wednesday 5/31, 7:00 Choir Practice
Sunday 6/1, 11:30 Sunday Service
Upcoming Services:       
5/28 “Searching For Goodness”
Reverend Sierra Marie-Gerfao
6/4   “Left Foot, Right Foot, Left Foot, Breathe”
           Reverend Rebecca Sala
6/11   Annual Meeting
           Board of Trustees
Please send any items you would like listed in next week’s Weekly Drummer Beats to church.office@uucgb.org by Friday at 9 am! The weekly email is sent every Friday at noon!

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