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The Drummer – Weekly Beats – July 14, 2017

The Drummer
Weekly Beats
July 14, 2017

Summer Series Sunday Service
Join us this Sunday the next in summer service series, where we will discover humanism with Worship Weaver Jennifer Winschel.

UUA Common Read 2017-2018
Two books have been selected for the 2017-2018 UUA Common Read. One focuses on the work of dismantling white supremacy culture within today’s Unitarian Universalism, and the other provides a vision and guidance for some of our work in the public square.
Centering: Navigating Race, Authenticity, and Power in Ministry, edited by Mitra Rahnema (Skinner House, 2017).
Daring Democracy: Igniting Power, Meaning, and Connection for the America We Want, by Frances Moore Lappé and Adam Eichen (Beacon Press, 2017)
Centering is available now at inSpirit: The UU Book and Gift Shop, and Daring Democracy will be available in early September. We invite you to read both and to work with others to organize discussion groups in your UU community. A discussion guide for each book will be available in October.

Tuesday Evening Taize Prayer Service
Are you looking for some time for quiet contemplation? Are you looking for a worshipful experience in which there is no sermon and no one telling you what to believe before you are sure you believe it? Then the Service of Taize Evening Prayer may be for you.

This 30-minute service is inspired by the worship of the international ecumenical monastic community of Taize, France. The service consists of simple, modern chants sung repetitively or in a round, a brief reading of Scripture, a long period of peaceful silence and some time for intercessory prayer.

There is no preaching, no monetary collection, no attempt at recruiting church members; it is simply a time to come together in song and prayer. People who have attended often comment on the rich spiritual atmosphere of the service. Its serenity and simplicity provide a wonderful midweek opportunity to feed one’s soul.
Every Tuesday at 7:00

This Week in UU History
7/15/1558 Giovanni Gentile was condemned to be beheaded for Unitarian teachings in Geneva, Switzerland, by order of John Calvin. To escape this fate, Gentile, who was advanced in years, prepared a series of apologies and recantations. When the court insisted on further public humiliations, he fled but was recaptured and beheaded in 1566. Gentile said he would die for the glory of God, not of Christ.

7/17/1887 Dorothea Lynde Dix, an American teacher and social reformer who was heavily influenced by Unitarianism, died at age 85.

7/19/1860 Florence Buck was born. She was headmistress of a school in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and a lifelong friend of the Unitarian minister there, Marion Murdock. Eventually she and Murdock moved to Meadville, Pennsylvania, where Murdock did graduate work and Buck studied for the Unitarian ministry. After a year, they went to live in London, where Buck studied at Manchester College and then Oxford University. She was ordained in Chicago at All Souls Church during the World Parliament of Religions in 1890. She and Murdock were called as co-pastors of Unity Church in Cleveland, Ohio and had a joint ministry there for six years. They were the first women to hold a joint ministry in the United States. In 19o0, Buck became minister in Kenosha, Wisconsin and Murdock took a ministry in Geneva, Illinois. Florence Buck died on October 12, 1925.


UUCGB Building Schedule for this week:
Sunday 7/16, 10:00 Sunday Service
Tuesday 7/18, 7:00 Taize Service
Wednesday 7/19, 7:00 Choir Practice
Sunday 7/25, 10:00 Sunday Service

Upcoming Services:
7/16, “Humanism” with Worship Leader Jennifer Winschel
7/23, “Origins of UUism” with Worship Leader Virginia Smith

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