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The Drummer – Weekly Beats – July 28, 2017

The Drummer
Weekly Beats
July 28, 2017

Summer Series Sunday Service
Come together this Sunday as we continue our summer series. Worship Weaver Carli Harlow will take us through “The Birth of Unitarianism”.

New Visitor Seeking Transportation
Someone from Stratford is interested in attending services for the first time, but needs a ride. If you would be willing to do so, please email church.office@uucgb.org for his contact information.

Trump’s Transgender Military Ban Sparks Response From UUA President
UUA President the Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray issued the following statement in response to Donald Trump’s plan to ban transgender people from serving in the U.S. military:

Yesterday’s announcement from President Trump that he is barring transgender individuals from serving in the U.S. military is an act of blatant discrimination against transgender citizens. As Unitarian Universalists, we denounce President Trump’s claim that allowing transgender persons to serve in the United States military would be a burden and a disruption. We believe that transgender people should be accorded all the rights and responsibilities due every citizen, including the right to serve our country in the military. Today, more than 15,000 transgender Americans are on active duty in the military, and their status is now thrown into question.

In reversing the decision made last year by President Obama’s administration, President Trump not only undermines the strength and readiness of our armed forces but also goes back on his campaign pledge to support the LGBTQ community. We call upon the Trump administration to uphold the American values of equality and service by reversing yesterday’s discriminatory decision.

Tuesday Evening Taize Prayer Service
Are you looking for some time for quiet contemplation? Are you looking for a worshipful experience in which there is no sermon and no one telling you what to believe before you are sure you believe it? Then the Service of Taize Evening Prayer may be for you.

This 30-minute service is inspired by the worship of the international ecumenical monastic community of Taize, France. The service consists of simple, modern chants sung repetitively or in a round, a brief reading of Scripture, a long period of peaceful silence and some time for intercessory prayer.

There is no preaching, no monetary collection, no attempt at recruiting church members; it is simply a time to come together in song and prayer. People who have attended often comment on the rich spiritual atmosphere of the service. Its serenity and simplicity provide a wonderful midweek opportunity to feed one’s soul.
Every Tuesday at 7:00

This Week in UU History
7/28/1703 – George de Benneville was born in London, England, to French Huguenot parents. He converted to Universalism early in life and became an itinerant preacher in France, where he was arrested and condemned to death. He was brought before the guillotine but King Louis XV granted him a reprieve at the last moment. After preaching in Germany and Holland and being imprisoned there, de Benneville came to America and became the first preacher of Universalism in the New World.

7/31/1793 Sarah Alden Bradford Ripley was born in Boston, Massachusetts. She was reared in First Church (Unitarian) of Boston. She married Samuel Ripley, a Unitarian minister in Waltham, Massachusetts. Scholarly and self-taught, Ripley was a great asset in the school her husband ran. She read widely and exchanged ideas with such notables as Frederick Henry Hedge, Margaret Fuller, Mary Moody Emerson, Elizabeth Peabody, George Ripley, Theodore Parker, and her close friend Ralph Waldo Emerson.

8/1/1774 Unitarian Joseph Priestly discovered oxygen, which he called “dephlogistical air”.


UUCGB Building Schedule for this week:
Sunday 7/30, 10:00 Sunday Service
Tuesday 8/1, 7:00 Taize Service
Wednesday 8/2, 7:00 Choir Practice
Sunday 8/6, 10:00 Sunday Service
Upcoming Services:
7/30, “The Birth of Unitarianism” with Worship Leader Carli Harlow
8/6, “Paganism” with Worship Leader Marisa Tyger
8/13, “American Unitarianism 1600-1860” with Worship Leader Anita Sanders
8/20, “Universalism 1600-1860” with Worship Leader Virginia Smith
9/3, “Thoughts from 2017 General Assembly – Looking Forward” with President Anita Sanders

Please send any items you would like listed in next week’s Weekly Drummer Beats to church.office@uucgb.org by Friday at 9 am! The weekly email is sent every Friday at noon!

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