The Drummer – Weekly Beats – December 8, 2017

The Drummer
Weekly Beats
December 8, 2017



·         UUCGB Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Because the 4th Saturday is Thanksgiving Weekend we have postponed our next meeting until December 9th –  not our usual day but the 4th Saturday of December is only 2 days before Christmas so…hope you can make it on the 9th.  Then we will start up again in 2018 with the 4th Saturday of the month.

Because many people were already reading A Gentleman in Moscow and those who weren’t expressed an interest in it that will be our next book.  A Gentleman in Moscow, written by Amor Towles, is the book for the 9 December 10 AM meeting of the UUCGB Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. 

If you have a book you think would be a good book for the group please reply and let us know – we try to do all genres – fiction, non-fiction, classics etc…
Thanks and Happy Reading!!


·         Holiday Card Writing

On Sunday, December 10, immediately following the service, the Membership Team will be having our 2nd Annual Holiday Card Writing event.  Everyone is invited to join in for the addressing of holiday cards to be sent to UUCGB shut-ins and friends who have moved away.  We have a list of recipients, but there are probably others we haven’t thought of so we’d love your help.  Please either call Marilyn Cocking or email Marty Rising, with the name and full address of anyone you’d like to include.



·         For UUCGB Chalica begins on Monday 11 December
The decorating of the Christmas tree was so exciting that our lesson on our Principles and Chalica was postponed to 10 December.  So UUCGB is invited to celebrate Chalica next week, beginning on 11 December!

What is Chalica you say?  A seasonal observance that celebrates our seven principles focusing on one principle each day.   A group of young adult UUs were hungry for a celebration in this season of lights that was their own, not borrowed or adapted from our sources, something that would be UU start to finish.   They wanted an observance without commercial trappings or onerous social gatherings to host or attend.  Chalica was born.  It is largely a home practice for individuals or families.  Chalica can be as simple as reflecting on the daily principle when you begin the day.  It can be lighting a chalice when your family gathers for a meal and discuss what the day’s principle means.  Chalica is flexible and can be as simple or elaborate as you want to make it.  It is ours, it was created by young adult UUs (that alone makes me want to observe Chalica), the observance is flexible.  More information about Chalica can be found at:

Resources to deepen your Chalica practice will be available on Saturday. 


·         SAVE THE DATE!

December 17 Soup and Bread Potluck & Holiday Concert/Carol Sing
Our annual Holiday Concert/Carol Sing will be held on 17 December.   Immediately after the service, we will be having our traditional Soup and Bread Potluck, so be ready to fire up your Crock Pots and ovens. We will aim for the concert to start somewhere between 11:15 and 11:30. Please feel free to invite friends and family.



·         Cookie Café 

Cookie Café was a great success. $923.00 was raised!



·         Guest at Your Table
The Guest at Your Table program kickoff was part of worship on 26 November.  Even if you were unable to attend the service, you can pick up your collection box or envelope and your copy of the Stories of Hope on the table in the back of the Sanctuary.  Guest at Your Table is an invitation to engage in understanding and support of the work of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC).  More information about Guest at Your Table and the UUSC can be found at:



·         Small Group Ministry Will Enrich Your UUCGB Experience
The call is still out for participants in UUCGB’s Small Group Ministry experience for this church year.  If we don’t hear from at least five interested members or friends by Sunday, December 1, we will not able to offer SGM this yeaand that will be a loss for us all. 

If you are a newcomer to UUCGB and do not feel truly connected yet, participation in these discussion sessions can help you feel more comfortable and confident to explore and share milestones on your faith journey.  If you have been around for a while, SGM can help develop and strengthen friendships with fellow members and followers and greatly enrich your church experience.  
We’ve recently learned that Thursday evenings are difficult for some.  We  chose Thursday evenings only because it is the one night when there are fewer regularly scheduled “church” meetings.  Perhaps there is another evening or time in the week more convenient for those who have an interest in SGM.  If this is your situation, please talk to one of our facilitators and let us know when you would be available.  It would be wonderful if we could find a time convenient to at least five individuals.  We are considering holding sessions at UUCGB if that would be more convenient to participants, Please contact either Al Post, Anita Sanders, Virginia Smith, or Jennifer Winschel with your thoughts.  We look forward to hearing from you.


·         Religious Education for Children
This week we will be talking about the annual season of lights, Advent, and our own, albeit minor, holiday, Chalica!

Going Forward – New Time Religious Education for Children or Faith Formation will be “experilearning” from 22 October through the end of 2017 with a different schedule.  We will continue to worship all together at 10 AM each Sunday, after our refreshment break, children and teachers will gather for religious education in the “Second Hour”.  So far, the Faith Formation Team is Karen Pirhala and Molly Nolan.  A couple people have expressed interest in participating in RE for children.  The team would benefit with one more core member and a roster of volunteers willing to assist with class.  Ideally, two adults are with the children at all times.  Could that person be you? 

Please contact Karen or Molly at



·         UU Meriden becomes a Sanctuary Congregation
The Unitarian Universalist Church of Meriden and the congregation’s recently formed Chalice Sanctuary Team made arrangements to provide sanctuary to Sujitno and Dahlia Sajuti.  Sujitno came to the US as a Fullbright Scholar and then returned to work on a PhD through UConn.  He overstayed his student visa and to date has not been able to attain documented status.

UUCGB has offered help to UUCM. We have been asked to get a group together who are able to individually stay overnight at UUCM a few times as needed. Please email if you are interested. 



·         UUA Disaster Relief Fund

Our UU friends and neighbors in Florida and the Caribbean—including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands—have experienced extraordinary devastation following Hurricanes Irma and Maria. UU friends in California have experienced devastating damage due to wildfires.  We invite you to contribute to the UUA Disaster Relief Fund (formerly the Hurricane Irma Recovery Fund) so the UUA can provide financial assistance to UU congregations impacted by these and other natural disasters. In addition to facilitating their own disaster recovery, congregations receiving disaster relief funds will have discretion to provide financial assistance to their members, as well as to support local partner organizations serving the community at large. For more information, including suggestions for how to contribute beyond the UU sphere, visit our website



·         Tuesday Evening Taize Prayer Service

Our contemplative Service of Evening Prayer is a service consisting of repetitive singing of chants, readings, prayer and periods of silence, in order to reach a contemplative state. The Taizé Community, an ecumenical monastic order in France, founded in 1940 to promote peace and justice through prayer and meditation. Our service mirrors Taizé-style attention to silence, holy words, prayer, and singing, but has also evolved to include other meditative traditions, as well.

Service begins at 7p, each Tuesday, and lasts 30min.



·         This Week in UU History
12/10/1823 – Adin Ballou was ordained by the Southern Association of Universalists meeting in Milford, Massachusetts, where he became minister in 1824.  Ballou preached, lectured, and traveled for the Universalist cause.  He published Practical Christianity. 

12/11/1823 – William Farwell died at the age of 74.  He converted to Universalism as early as the late 1780s in Charlestown, New Hampshire.  He was the first Universalist preacher in Vermont and a pacifist who was jailed for his principles during the Revolutionary War.  Farwell preached all over New England, but his greatest influence was in northern and central Vermont. 

12/11/1654 – The British Parliament declared the Two-fold Catechism by John Biddle to be heretical and blasphemous and ordered its author imprisoned and all copies burned by the common hangman, signifying that its publication was criminal offense.  The cause of Parliament’s objection was that the catechism was entirely Unitarian in theology, which violated the criminal laws of England at that time. 



UUCGB Building Schedule for this week:   

Saturday 12/9, 10:00 am-noon Book Group

Sunday 12/10, 10:00 am worship “Peace” with Worship Leader Anita Sanders and Worship Weaver Peter Morse

Sunday 12/10, 11:30 am rescheduled Board of Trustees

Sunday 12/10, 11:30 am Holiday Card Writing

Monday 12/11, 6:00 pm Membership Team

Tuesday 12/12, 7:00 pm Taize Service

Wednesday 12/13, 7:00 pm Choir Practice

Sunday 12/17, 10:00 am worship “Joy” with Worship Leader Sierra Marie Gerfeo and Worship Weaver Sarah Miller

Upcoming Services:

12/17 Sunday Service:   “Joy” with Worship Leader Sierra Marie Gerfao and Worship Weaver Sarah Miller

12/24 Sunday Service:  Christmas Eve Stories and Songs “Love” with Worship Leaders Ellen Hardy and Peter Morse

December Office Hours

I am close to determining standing office hours; we are still waiting on reports form doctors to chart the path forward with my mother.  For the next two weeks Wednesday and Thursday 10 am – 1 pm.  Please get items for the Order of Service and the Drummer into the office as soon as possible,Wednesday 9 AM at the latest. 

Thank you for your good wishes and schedule flexibility!

Please send any items you would like listed in next week’s Weekly Drummer Beats to by Wednesday at 9 am!  The weekly email is sent every Thursday evening!


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