The Drummer – Weekly Beats – February 9, 2018

The Drummer
Weekly Beats
February 9, 2018


·         2017-2018 Guest at Your Table is Concluding.  Please bring what you’ve collected for Guest at Your Table this Sunday or next

The Guest at Your Table program supporting the work of the UU Service Committee, that began as part of worship on 26 November, is coming to a close for this year.  Please determine what you have collected and turn into a check.  Make the check out to UUCGB and put GAYT in the memo line and place in the offering plate on Sunday.  More information about Guest at Your Table and the UUSC can be found at:



·         30 Days of Love continues!

Each year between Martin Luther King Day and Valentine’s Day UUs focus intentionally on the transforming power of love.  We seek to understand the many ways love can heal our world in ways large and small, global to personal.  Find out more at: thirty-days-of-love-2018/

Week One: Growing the Ecosystem [15-21 January]

Week Two: Good soil, good seeds Generative Creation [22 -28 January]

Week Three: Enduring the drought times [29 January- 4 February]

Week Four: A renewing harvest, Composting & Watering

Where am I empty and what do I need to fill my communities’ collective cup? How do I make sure we have what we most need?  We honor our ancestor Fannie Barrier Williams; share oh gentleness by Katie Blanchard; and recommend you check out the podcast Reflection on Belonging on Healing Justice Podcast with Prentis Hemphill: healer, somatics practitioner, organizer and former Healing Justice Director of Black Lives Matter. We encourage you to read more about the legacy and offering of Healing Justice from them and read our message on Composting and Watering: Spiritual Sustenance at: 

Week Five: Lessons for the next season



·         Religious Education for Children

After the service, and a short refreshment break, children and RE teachers will head to the Children’s Chapel for a story and discussion about the origins of Valentine’s Day and love.


What RE for Children looks like on Sunday morning–We are continuing RE in the “second hour” through February.  The whole congregation worships together.  After a brief refreshment break after the service, children and teachers will gather for religious education, usually in the Children’s Chapel.  We are using a variety of curricular resources in our one room RE schoolhouse.  So far, the Faith Formation Team is Karen Pirhala, Laura Baker and Molly Nolan.  We need one more person to fill out the team.  For safe congregations purposes we must have two adults in class each Sunday.  Interested?  Please contact Karen or Molly at



·         Religious Exploration for Adults

2018 is the 450th anniversary of the Edict of Torda, a radical departure from the enforced state religion of European countries in 1568.  Join a Year-Long Theological Dialogue!

Connect as part of a pilgrimage, by online video conference, with a small group, or individually.  Each month you’ll find a specific opportunity for engagement.  Begin the year of reflection with study and exploration of the history, context, and current relevance of the Anniversary of the Edict of Torda.  The live webinar was 17 January.  The archived video can be found at  After viewing the video there are reflection questions to engage individually or as part of a small group.  If you are interested in forming a small group around Torda 450, contact Molly in the church office.  For more information about the 450th anniversary of the Edict of Torda, check out an article in the winter edition of the UU World by Eric Cherry (    


The next live webinar is Wednesday 14 Feb at 7:45 Eastern time.



·         Are you on Facebook?

            If you are on Facebok, please make a point of visiting The Unitarian Universalist Church of

            Greater Bridgeport Facebook page on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to “Like” and “Share”

            our Religious Education and Worship posts.   



·         Draft Mission of UUCGB

On Sunday, 14 January, we had our second congregational conversation regarding our mission statement.  A follow up discussion will be scheduled soon.

Below is the one that we came up with by the end of the session.  This is a working statement and not yet our “final” decision.  Please send any comments or suggestions to

“Love is the spirit of this church.  We welcome everyone into our beloved community. 

We are here to support each other in spiritual growth so we can go out and make the world a kinder place.”



 ·         UUCGB Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

The book for February will be Born a Crime by Trevor Noah.  The next meeting is Saturday 24 February at 10 AM.  We also plan to read Lab Girl as one of our books this year and are open to other suggestions so please feel free to share via email any books that you have read and want to discuss or books that you keep meaning to read. We also try to choose at least one classic every year so keep that in mind.



 ·         From the Humanist Association of Connecticut

Darwin Day Dinner

6 pm Saturday 10 February Call John Levin at 646-221-9134 or visit



·         May 3rd:  Save the Date And Don’t Miss The Bus! 


Yes, Priscilla Queen of the Desert is coming this Spring to the Downtown Cabaret Theatre in Bridgeport.

This musical adventure of three drag queens on a road trip across the Australian desert, that began as a movie and became a big stage musical has played for many years all over the world and has kept its audiences laughing.

One performance at Downtown Cabaret, on Thursday, May 3rd, is a benefit for the Council of Churches of Greater Bridgeport of which UUCGB is a member. 

UUCGB is a very low-budget support of the CofC, so your attendance at the May 3rd “Priscilla” performance will greatly aid the many wonderful programs and projects currently underway in Bridgeport sponsored by the Council.

Talk among your friends, church and otherwise, and put together a table or two.  We can bring a shared supper and have a great evening.

More information to follow, but mark your calendar now!  



·         Spanish Speaking Help Needed

Bridgeport Public Schools have had a large, temporary influx of non-English speaking children to the school system due to the devastating conditions in Puerto Rico.  As many may be aware, Bridgeport Schools have had significant budget cuts over the past few years and can barely accommodate their own students let alone additional ones with special needs.  ESL (English as a Second Language) resources have also been cut back so these non-English speaking children are basically left to fend for themselves.    In particular, there is one 3rd grade teacher at Cesar Batalla School who has twelve of these kids in her classroom with NO assistance.   She’s looking for Spanish speaking volunteers for an hour or two a week to help these students with very basic language skills to see them through the school year.   Can anyone help?   Please contact Karen Flowitt  (Art Oefinger’s wife) at 203-925-9439.



·         UU Meriden becomes a Sanctuary Congregation – help still needed

UUCGB has offered help to UUCM. We have been asked to get a group together who are able to individually stay overnight at UUCM a few times as needed. Please email if you are interested. 



·         Tuesday Evening Taize Prayer Service

Our contemplative Service of Evening Prayer is a service consisting of repetitive singing of chants, readings, prayer and periods of silence, in order to reach a contemplative state. The Taizé Community, an ecumenical monastic order in France, founded in 1940 to promote peace and justice through prayer and meditation. Our service mirrors Taizé-style attention to silence, holy words, prayer, and singing, but has also evolved to include other meditative traditions, as well.


Service begins at 7 pm, each Tuesday, and runs approximately 30 minutes.



·         This Week in UU History

2/10/1652 – John Biddle, freed from prison in the Scilly Isles, where he had been exiled for his Unitarian heresy, gathered a group of Unitarians into a society.  Although it did not last beyond Biddle’s death in 1662, it represented the first Unitarian society in England.  Others, including Thomas Firmin, took up Biddle’s ideas. 

2/11/1802 – Lydia Maria Child was born in Bedford, Massachusetts.  An advocate of women’s independence, she was an ardent writer and activist for racial justice.  She joined the church served by her Unitarian minister brother, Convers Francis, in Watertown, Massachusetts.  She also enjoyed the worship of the Swedenborgians.  Child found success as a popular writer, producing a romantic historical novel and practical household manuals, most notably The Frugal Housewife (1829).  Her literary earnings helped her to support her husband’s unsuccessful legal practice.  She became vice president of the Women’s Anti-Slavery Convention of New York and edited The National Anti-Slavery Standard.  Later she told to religious issues and published The Progress of Religious Ideas through Successive Ages, which contended that all religions has sacred insights.  In 1833 Child wrote An Appeal in Favor of That Class of American Called African.  She also espoused women’s suffrage and the cause of Native Americans.  Child died on October 20, 1880.

2/14/1878 – Henry Montfort Cary was born.  Reared Catholic and ordained a priest, Cary broke with his church and studied at Union Theological Seminary, where he was attracted to Universalism.  He was ordained a Universalist minister and went on to serve several churches.  The Universalist Board of Foreign Missions asked Cary and his wife, Maud Simonton Cary, also a Universalist minister, to travel to Japan to spread the faith.  Cary also started a Universalist group in Korea.  Lombard College awarded him a D.D. in 1926.  He died on April 30, 1936.




UUCGB Building Schedule for this week:   

Sunday 2/11, 10:00 am worship “Languages of Love” with Worship Leader Connie Cole-Ingber   

Monday 2/12, 6:00 pm Membership Team

Tuesday 2/13 7:00 pm Taize Service

Wednesday 2/14, 7:00 pm Choir Practice

Sunday 2/18, 10:00 am worship “A Workshop in Democracy” with Worship Leader Rev. Tom Chulak and Worship Weaver Al Post  



Upcoming Services:

2/18 Sunday Service with Rev. Tom Chulak “A Workshop in Democracy”

2/25 Sunday Service with Sarah Miller, Connie Cole-Ingber & Peter Morse “No Shoes, No Feet”



February Office Hours

12-18 February office hours will be Thursday (timing is not clear as I am driving back from NJ) and Friday 10 am – 1 pm.  I will be working remotely on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Please send items for the Order of Service and the Drummer to me at as soon as possible, Wednesday 9 AM at the latest.  Please send items and cc me at  Next week will be a mix of remote work and in office.  Schedule to be determined.  Thanks.


Molly Nolan, Office Administrator


Please send any items you would like listed in next week’s Weekly Drummer Beats to by Wednesday at 9 am!  The weekly email is sent every Thursday evening!

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