The Drummer – Weekly Beats – May 25, 2018

The Drummer
Weekly Beats
May 25, 2018

Notice of Annual Meeting of UUCGB


The Annual Meeting of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Bridgeport will be held Sunday, June 10, at 11 a.m. following the Service.  Your attendance is strongly encouraged for the purpose of approving the 2018-19 operating budget, electing officers and trustees-at-large to the Board of Trustees, and conducting any other business that may come before the congregation. 

Anita Sanders, President

The Nominating Committee has nominated for election at the June 10th  Annual Meeting the following: 


Carolyn Monachelli- Clerk

Ellen Hardy – Treasurer

Liz Krafnick – Trustee-at-Large

Mike Ingber- Trustee-at-Large

Art Oefinger- Trustee-at-Large


Anyone wishing to nominate a candidate from the floor for any of these positions must, in accordance with the bylaws, obtain a signed 

written statement from the person being nominated affirming that they wish to be nominated and submit this statement, along with 

written statements from two UUCGB members naming the nominee and supporting their candidacy, to the Clerk seven days before the

Annual meeting.  


Anita Sanders, President 

  • UUCGB Goods and Services Silent Auction

The UUCGB Goods and Services Silent Auction is up and running!  Kayaking,  a really cute hummingbird feeder, necklaces, time-share to Williamsburg, VA, great bottles of wine  and brunch at the beach are just a few of the fabulous offerings. Bid early and bid often!  Remember that all proceed go to our church. The items will go to the top bidders this Sunday at 12 noon, May 27.  See Marty Rising or Jennifer Winschel with questions.


  • 8th Annual Afternoon Tea and Luncheon NEW date change

Our 8th annual Afternoon Tea and Luncheon will take place on Sunday June 24, (NOT Saturday, June 16th) from 12pm-2pm. For those who have not yet attended, our tea is a lovely afternoon of fancy hats, finger sandwiches and desserts, teas from around the world, and most importantly, the company of family and friends!

Each year, volunteers serve as table host/esses. Those volunteers are responsible for decorating their tables with linens and dishes, and inviting guests to sit at their tables. Table host/esses are not responsible for providing all the food for their guests.

This event is not just for ladies, and we would love to have a table host….though no gentlemen have ever volunteered. Perhaps this is the year!

The cost for this event is $12 per adult, and $5 per child 12 and under. If you would like to volunteer as a table hostess or host, please email me.

Look for a link to RSVP to this event in the coming weeks.

Thank you, Sarah Miller

  • A note about this item from your President:

Last Sunday we heard about resilience. Now we are being given a chance to help a congregation, in some small (or large, if you can) way, that has been working for 3 years to replace their building. Anyone who would send a request to all the congregations in the UUA  has what it takes to get my help and I hope that you will join me.


Dear UU Friends,

My name is Susan Pond and I am Treasurer for the First Universalist Church of Southold, NY.  I am writing to ask your congregation to participate in a simple challenge.

In March of 2015 our church, the First Universalist Church of Southold, NY, burned to the ground.  At 178 years old, it was the longest-standing UU church on Long Island.  (Please read our story at )

For the past three years, we have been working with the Southold Historic Preservation Commission, the town board, and various consultants to design a building that honors both our place in the village’s historic district, and our UU heritage and values.

Finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel!  We hope to break ground this fall.  But the cost of modernizing is beyond our insurance funds and we need your help.

We are writing to every UU congregation throughout the country – all 1,035 of you – to challenge you to raise $1 from each of your members to donate to our Rebuilding Fund.  The UUA’s statistics show that there are nearly 155,000 UUs registered in over 1,000 UU congregations in the US. If every UU across the country gives just $1 to the Fund, we will be a long way toward our goal of $500,000.

We hope that you will share our story with your congregation, and ask them to accept this challenge.  With your help, we will be able to reopen our doors and once again serve our community as a welcoming place for liberal thought and social action in our modernized, accessible and efficient new building.

Donations may be made through our GoFundMe campaign:

or mailed directly to the church:

First Universalist Church
P.O. Box 221
Southold, NY 11971
Attn:  Building Fund

Thank you for your support

With gratitude,
Susan Pond, Treasurer

  •         Calling for basket(s) for Sanctuary toys and more SOFT toys

We have a decent amount of soft toys for use in the sanctuary.  We could use a basket or large soft plastic tote/laundry basket to hold the toys we now have.  We still need to expand our collection of soft toys for the Sanctuary.  To make sure we have a ready supply of toys and quiet fidget items during worship, we are collecting soft toys:  foam building blocks, stuffed animals, coloring books, word games, hidden picture and puzzle books.  No hard plastic or noisemakers will be allowed in the sanctuary.   If you would like to contribute to this effort, but not actually shop for the needed basket or toys, please contact Molly in the church office to make a contribution towards purchase of soft toys for the sanctuary project.  Thanks for your generosity!

  • General Assembly

General Assembly (GA) is the annual meeting of our Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). Attendees worship, witness, learn, connect, and make policy for the Association through democratic process. Anyone may attend; congregations must certify annually to send voting delegates.  UUCGB has delegate openings.  UUCGB has funds available to assist with registration expense.  You can attend in person or online.  You can be a delegate on site or off site.  Registration rates change on 1 May.  UUCGB supports registration at the bargain rates. for all pages related to General Assembly.  Be sure to check out the GA Prep Resources if you are considering going to GA.  If you would be a first time attendee or even if not, check out

If you are interested in attending General Assembly or have questions, please contact Anita Sanders for more information.

  • Ride Requests

For those following this thread, we are working on a ride arrangement for Mr. Penyak’s friend.  Will let you know what develops. 

A second request has come in from a gentleman who lives in Harbour Towers, 376 East Washington Ave, Bridgeport.  He has no transportation but would like to join UUCGB. 

Please contact Molly in the church office if you or someone you know is able to help.

  • Are you on Facebook?

If you are on Facebook, please make a point of visiting The Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Bridgeport Facebook page on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to “Like” and “Share” our Religious Education and Worship posts.   


  • Religious Education for Children

After the service, and a short refreshment break, children and RE teachers will head to the Children’s Chapel to continue our series on our principles and Sources for an exploration of our 3rd Principle and Fannie Farmer! 

A discussion of RE for Children at UUCGB Sunday 3 June immediately after the worship.  There will be no religious education on 3 June. 

We have been running religious education for children after worship with children in the sanctuary during the service.  Born out of necessity, practical considerations in part due to the composition of our choir and safe congregation concerns, we decided to run RE/Faith Development/Faith Formation after the worship.  Over the course of this year we have seen what the drawbacks of that choice have been and have acted to eliminate or minimize.  We have also been able to enjoy the many benefits of having our whole community worship together.  Having the children in the worship and Religious Education at other times is where our denomination is headed.  Our Religious Education efforts are being run with an extremely slim volunteer staff.   To attract new families to our congregation, especially in a culture when religion is swimming against the tide, we need to have a welcoming program for children and youth.  Please come to discuss the future of Religious Education at UUCGB on Sunday 3 June right after the worship.


Draft Mission of UUCGB

On Sunday, 14 January, we had our second congregational conversation regarding our mission statement.  A follow up discussion will be scheduled soon.  Below is the one that we came up with by the end of the session.  This is a working statement and not yet our “final” decision.  Please send any comments or suggestions to

“Love is the spirit of this church.  We welcome everyone into our beloved community. 

We are here to support each other in spiritual growth so we can go out and make the world a kinder place.”

  • From the Humanist Association of Connecticut

Sunday 27 May Board Meeting

Monday 28 May Dinner Discussion at the Wood-n-Tap, 2100 Dixwell Avenue, Hamden (203-248-9663)  Topic:  Should HAC take the Pro-Truth Pledge?

For more information about the group and activities at: or

  • Tuesday Evening Taize Prayer Service

Our contemplative Service of Evening Prayer is a service consisting of repetitive singing of chants, readings, prayer and periods of silence, in order to reach a contemplative state. The Taizé Community, an ecumenical monastic order in France, founded in 1940 to promote peace and justice through prayer and meditation. Our service mirrors Taizé-style attention to silence, holy words, prayer, and singing, but has also evolved to include other meditative traditions, as well.

Service begins at 7 pm, each Tuesday, and runs approximately 30 minutes.

This Week in UU History

from This Day in Unitarian Universalist History by Frank Schulman

5/25/1790 – The 17 delegates of the second general organization of Universalists met at the Society of Universal Baptists in Philadelphia and adopted the Articles of Faith.  Although the Philadelphia Convention lasted only a few years, the plans and works it prepared were handed over to the New England General Conference, which formed them into the Universalist General Convention.  The General Convention met annually and became the Universalist Church in America, which in 1961 consolidated with the American Unitarian Association to become the Unitarian Universalist Association.   5/26/1825 – The American Unitarian Association was officially formed at the Ministerial Conference in Berry Street, held at Federal Street Church in Boston.  The conference adopted a constitution to “to diffuse the knowledge and promote the interests of pure Christianity.”  William Ellery Channing was offered the presidency, but he declined and Aaron Bancroft of Worcester was chosen.  By coincidence, the British and Foreign Unitarian Association (now the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Churches) formed on that same day in London.  5/28/1896 – The Young People’s Religious Union, a predecessor of the Liberal Religious Youth (Unitarian Universalist) along with the Young People’s Christin Union (Universalist), was organized at Second Church (Unitarian) in Boston.  The meeting was held during Anniversary Week, known as May Meetings.  Its stated purposes were:  “(a) to foster the religious life; (b) to bring the young into closer relations with one another; and (c) to spread rational views of religion, and to put into practice such principles of life and duty as tend to uplift mankind.  The cardinal principles of the Union are truth, worship, and service.”


UUCGB Building Schedule for this week:   

Sunday 5/27, 10:00 am, worship, Rev. Sierra Marie Gerfeo, Defying Logic

As Unitarian Universalists, we are inheritors of a tradition of reason. Is there a place for experiences that defy logic? 

Sunday 5/27, 11:15 am PB&J Sunday

Tuesday 5/29, 7:00 pm Taize Service

Wednesday 5/30, 7:00 pm Choir Practice

Sunday 6/3, 10:00 am worship “More or Less” with Worship Leaders Sarah Miller and Mike Ingber

Sunday 6/3, 11:15 am Future of Religious Education at UUCGB


Upcoming Services:

6/3 Sunday Service ”More or Less” with Worship Leaders Sarah Miller and Mike Ingber

6/10 Sunday Service — Annual Meeting Sunday with Board of Trustees

Office Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 10 AM-1PM.  Please send any items for the Drummer and/or Order of Service to the office by 9 AM Wednesday.

Thanks, Molly Nolan, Office Administrator

Please send any items you would like listed in next week’s Weekly Drummer Beats byWednesday at 9 am!  The weekly email is sent every Thursday evening!


Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Bridgeport

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