Our Worship Services

Unitarian Universalist worship services vary by congregation and even by service to service in an individual congregation. In our printed Order of Service each Sunday, we advise attendees with these words: Such is our inclusive community that no single service can accurately reflect our spiritual diversity and faith. Please join us for another service to learn more.

All Sunday services at UUCGB begin with words of welcome and the lighting of our flaming chalice, the universal symbol of our denomination. This is followed by the community sharing of Joys and Concerns and the lighting of individual candles by those members and friends who choose to participate in this spiritual practice which includes a brief interlude of silent meditation.

The service then moves on to a hymn or responsive reading reflective of the morning’s topic, followed by a sermon or homily delivered by a member of UUCGB’ Worship Weavers team, a professional guest minister or invited speaker. Here is where we take the weekly offering for the support of the church and its programs. A second offering to support a social justice initiative in the larger community is taken on the first Sunday of each month.

The recitation of a short doxology and our covenant of purpose leads us the singing of a second hymn, closing words from the pulpit and extinguishing our chalice. The full service is 50 to 60 in length.

Because many UU’s come from other faith traditions whose celebrations and practices they may choose to honor at their respective holiday seasons, UUCGB honors celebrations of other faiths, including Christianity, Judaism, Muslim and Paganism, in their seasons. Specific to UU tradition are the seasonal communion celebrations of the Gathering of Water in September and our annual Flower Communion in June.